Bedding Down in Barcelona
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We're staying for four nights in Barcelona in mid September. First visit for both of us. Really would appreciate hotel/B&B recommendations, and of course what sights and restaurants the hive mind recommends.
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The 5 rooms is lovely, as are the people who run it. Plus it's very conveniently located.
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I loved Park Guell, it's amazing and beautiful.

Of course La Sagrada Familia. (That goes without saying.)

We were on a cruise ship and had a guided tour of the city with someone helpfully pointing out all of the Gaudi buildings and explaining the significance of them.

I'd go to Trip Advisor for hotel recommendations.

Enjoy, it's absolutely wonderful.
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Hi! I just got back from Barcelona yesterday!

Food-wise, I mostly just wandered and found nice tapas bars or whatever else looked good (and it was all good). I asked at my hotel for recommendations and they pointed me to one restaurant that they said was "local" and "not a lot of tourists go there" -- that said, they had their menu in about 8 languages so I'm not convinced it's very tourst-free, but the food was very good and they treated me great as a concierge-referral with free cava and a free digestif... so ask your hotel and let them make you a reservation! A coworker of mine also recommended Cal Pep, which is in the Gothic Quarter, which had a massive line when I went so I didn't eat there but it might be worth a shot if you can get in before Spain-dinner-time.

One note, I really wanted to see some of the Gaudi museums/buildings, but I kept trying to go in the evenings and either the busses failed me (the tourist busses I was using to get around stop running before the museums close, whoops), or the museum was closed for a private party, or even when I got to the Sagrada Familia when it opened at 9 AM, there was a line around the block and thirty minutes later I'd barely moved and I had to leave for the airport not long after. So my recommendation, if you're in to the Gaudi stuff, is to allow a lot of time and aim for earlier in the day.

Have a blast! I LOVED the city, the food, the climate, and the people were wonderful. Enjoy wandering around the Gothic Quarter -- it's ridiculously easy to get distracted wandering down little alleys and into neat shops (which is why I kept ending up trying to get to the museums so late). And the sangria. Oh, the sangria.
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I went to Barcelona this spring and had a terrific time. I took a guided food tour (in barrio gotic) through The Barcelona Taste which I really enjoyed.
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also: Parc Guell was excellent (but a little far-flung), as was the Miro Museum and the Picasso Museam.

I ate my body weight in tapas (such good food). I did brave the ridiculous line at Cal Pep, and it was Worth It.
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My previous recommendations for accommodations, restaurants, and things to do in Barcelona. (Although my comment is from 3 years ago, the Fashion Hotel B&B I recommended is still getting good reviews from friends and MeFite contacts who have stayed there more recently.)

Have fun! Barcelona is an amazing city.
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Pla was delicious if you want contemporary food that isn't tapas.
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Seconding Pla. It was the best meal we had while in Spain.
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Aside from all of the obvious (and excellent) tourist destinations in Barcelona, I most enjoyed getting lost in El Born district, and enjoying the calm of Santa Maria del Mar.
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Seconding The 5 rooms.
Time out Barcelona is useful.
Eat at least once at Kaiku.
Visit MEAM ( Museu Europeo de Art Modern) and just around the corner Tapeo Born.
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We tried for The 5 rooms, but sadly they could only take us for two nights of our stay, so we booked instead at Hostal Boutique Khronos, which not only has a cool name but was well recommended on Trip Advisor.

Please keep eating and activities recommendations coming!
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