Passport, check... But where do I store my cats?
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Any recommendations for pet boarding in Birmingham, UK? (Bonus: good vets.)

My husband and I are going on vacation for a week and a half, and I need a place to put my four lovely cats while I am gone. One of them is hyperthyroid and takes pills twice a day. I've never had to board my cats before, and I have no idea what to look for. So, does anyone here know of a good pet boarding place in or near Birmingham, England? I am rather fond of the beasts, after all. And if not, any tips on searching a place out from people who have done it before would be most welcome.

Also, recommendations for a good local vet? I've always found vets by recommendation before, and I kinda have no one to ask around here but you, Metafilter. (I do so love you, Metafilter.)

I cannot find, somehow, most of my cat photos. So two of them will have to remain a mystery for the moment. But here is Skinny D'Amato, the hyperthyroid kitty and my Firstborn Son. And here is Beauregard, pleased to be assisting with a little light renovation. Forgive my terrible, terrible photography.

The kitties, they thank you!
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I have a boarding cattery near where I live in Dudley called Yap Yaps. 07737 250 342. We should have a meet-up this summer!
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Do you definitely want to board them or would you consider a live-in catsitter?
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This page from the Feline Advisory Bureau Cattery Information section may be useful.

There's no substituting a visit though. Yonks ago I answered a similar question about what to look for in a good boarding establishment. Here it is, hope it helps.

Sometimes it's worth seeking out a good local vet via local cat rescue organisations. Cats Protection springs to mind. But there will be other rescue people in your area. It's worth speaking to a few to determine if one practice is mentioned often. You may also find a few flags regarding vets to avoid. The forums at Cat Chat might be able to suggest a good vet. I'd always go for a small animal practice that has RCVS accreditation. If they have Animal Hospital status as part of that accreditation, so much the better. Double plus bonus points if they handle their own out of hours work as well. If you need out of hours care, you can at least rest easy that the vet you see knows your cats and has immediate access to the records. Avoid large chain vets like the plague. They usually have a fast turnover of staff and are known for high charges.

Always visit a veterinary practice before you need to, to check them out. Many practices have websites now, sometimes the website and the reality of the practice are different, so visit, ask questions, go with your gut feelings!

Please avoid any boarding establishment that boards dogs as well as cats. In my experience the noise from the dogs always upsets the cats. Make sure that any cattery has explicit insurance and a named veterinary practice that they will use if your cats require veterinary attention (of course if your own vets are near, then you can stipulate that they must use them)

Your cats are gorgeous! Enjoy your holiday and best of luck :)
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