What's that sandal?
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What's that shoe? Please help identify a men's sandal.

It is thin and flat like a flip flop, but is held tight to the foot with a strap of webbing. The strap wraps around the foot like Chacos, but it is thinner, maybe 1/2 an inch. Thanks!

(If you have worn these, are the comfortable and durable?)
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I own two pairs of Chacos and the newer pair has a thinner strap. If it foliows the "Z" pattern of the Z1 and Z2, it's likely Chaco. Otherwise, maybe Teva?
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Yep, my Z2's are a full 1/4" narrower than my Z1's in strap width. The Z1's (circa 2002) are just under an inch at 15/16", My Z2's(circa 2006) are just under 3/4" at 11/16" wide. I love them both, but the Z1's (without the toe loop) are a lot more versatile because you can wear them with or without socks. For all day long on a hot day when I'm pretty sure my feet won't get wet, one of my favorite combinations is my Z1's with a super thin Smartwool sock.
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The Z2s (with the toe loop) are super easy to turn into a non-toe-loop sandal. Just pull the webbing flat against the insole, and voila!

I've been wearing mine like that for a couple years now; I don't even notice it. If you suddenly decide you want a toe loop again, just pull it back up.
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The ones I'm looking for are thin and flat like basic el cheapo flip flops. Chacos are thicker and contoured.
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Sounds like you're talking about huaraches. Here's an example made for running.
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I've got a pair of Unshoes, which are based on similar to the Luna Sandals linked previously. There's also Invisible Shoes.

Comfort: If you know the story behind these sandals, they're not really designed for comfort - they are nothing like flip flops. The sole is designed to be thin and flexible, not cushioned, so it's more like walking barefoot.

Durability: I've only been wearing them for a couple of weeks, but in general sandals have much less to go wrong than shoes. (I got them as an alternative to my Vibram Fivefingers, which are falling apart and tend to freak people out)
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Thanks y'all. "More like barefoot" is exactly what I was hoping these would be. And the DIY Invisible Shoe is affordable!
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If you have worn these, are the comfortable and durable?

Very durable, yes; I've used the DIY Invisible Shoes for running, and they're swell! As far as comfort, I've found the straps to be a little bit chafey at the between-the-toes point. You may not have that problem, though.
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