Ultrabook Workable?
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Ultrabook for video: dive in or am I making a mistake?

Hi there I need a laptop for video editing (Adobe Premiere Elements) and photoshop and the like. A Mac Book Pro is great, of course, but the cost is prohibitive. I was previously looking at an HP ENVY 17-3077 on Microsoft's site, which seems a deal at $800 (I7, 7200RMP HDD, 8 gigs ddr) but it's 17 inches and seems a lot to lug. Ultrabooks seem nice but I have no idea how they'd do for video. Any suggestions? Anyone lobe their ultrabook and think it looks great, sounds great and is fast?
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have you considered a convertible notebook? (just one of many models out there...i have the (now discontinued) hp tm2t and love it) ...it's definitely heftier than an ultraportable, but smaller than a 17"laptop. I suggest it because it seems you might be into art a little bit, no? It's the pressure sensitive stylus/wacom digitizer/multitouch screen that makes it the awesome. Draw on it (pressure sensitive brushstrokes FTW), fingerpaint, flip the screen around and use it as a tablet, whatever. i found mine fully specced (i5 500gb 8gb ram, fingerprint reader, windows 7, external dvdrw etc etc) on ebay for $600 a year and a half ago...look up 'artrage' (an awesome paint program) or 'autodesk sketchbook' on youtube to see one in action. it's like having a wacom cintiq screen on a laptop that's also touch-sensitive...
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