Old-fashioned instrumental jazz?
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Please recommend music similar to this Jack Teagarden version of When Your Lover Is Gone. Slow, instrumental, a little bluesy - I'm trying to class up a cocktail party overlooking the Pacific Ocean but can't afford a band.
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Hmm it seems like that Metafilter reference might make it harder to play in-line.. if anyone else is having that problem, the sample is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000QP3ND0/ref=dm_dp_trk61
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Here are some candidates. These versions just happened to be handy on the Web. Look around for other versions and you may find some that you like better.

"Mean to Me"

"I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues"

"Chelsea Bridge"

"Mood Indigo"

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Well, THAT didn't work too well. Let's try it once more, shall we?

Mean to Me

I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

Chelsea Bridge

Mood Indigo

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The Jackie Gleason/Bobby Hackett sessions are wonderfully lush.

Coleman Hawkins
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Ellington Indigos
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These are all great, thanks! Keep 'em coming if you have more suggestions.
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