Fun with guts. Book guts.
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I'm doing a craft project for sale on Etsy that re-uses old book hardcovers, but not the pages. What crafty thing can I do with the pages?

I've thought about recycling them into handmade paper, but that seems a little too involved and slow for an entire books-worth of pages. I'd like this to be cheap and easy - an alternative to just trashing them - probably to include as a bonus thing when my item is purchased. Ideas?
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Origami? Papier maché?
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Best answer: You could shred them and use them as packing material, or sell them separately as a supply to other crafters.
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Paper Flower bouquet? (or maybe hook up with that etsy seller and work out a covers-for-pages swap)?
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Decoupage! All you need is some glue and something blank and boring to cover with pages. Here is an awesome example with furniture, but a Google image search could probably give you loads of other ideas.
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Roll the up, soak them in parrafin and use them as firestarters. Directions: Roll sheets of newspaper into a tight-packed tube about 1 inch in diameter. Tie the roll with string about every inch. Dip the roll into paraffin. Cut to convenient lengths. Cut newspaper into 4 inch strips, roll up tight, tie with twine leaving about 2 inches of twine for dipping into paraffin wax. Dip the whole thing into the wax. Use the twine as a wick to light .
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Send them to me! I've been wanting to do a project that requires old book pages but not covers.
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Book wreath
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This lady makes lovely wreaths out of old bedsprings and book pages. Like this one here.

She even has a tutorial right here.
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Page ornament
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and confetti. And there are probably other things on that website.
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If they are big enough (and have nice pictures), you can make envelopes out of them.
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Pinterest is searchable, here's the page for book pages. There are enough ideas there to keep you busy for a long, long time.
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If you have uncovered windows, you can sew (or staple) 'em together and make shades out of them. I did that for a window in my daughter's room a few years back, and she loved it.
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This old FPP of mine on how to craft with books might hold some ideas for you.
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I gut books in order to use the covers to make blank journals so I end up with lots of leftover book pages. If there are pictures in the book (and there usually are), I intersperse those pages into the blank journal. I've also wrapped particularly pretty book pages around book board and then turned those into new hardcover journals or just wrapped the pages around the signatures of a journal. Also, if the pages are thick enough, I will sometimes use them as covers for simple pocket journals (I sew them using a simple pamphlet stitch, but they can be saddle-stitched/stapled as well) or for little matchbook journals. I also love using variously shaped paper punches on leftover pages and then using the results in other projects. To be honest though, I still have stacks of unused book pages for which I have not found a use so this is a great question!
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Back in the day, a friend of mine who was in art school did a really cool project where she took a book, opened it and coated it with some sort of acrylic to freeze everything in place and protect it, and cut a hole in the center of it and put a tiny flowerpot in it to make a planter that had the plant sprouting from the pages of a book.
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I was in the Ace Hotel in New York a few weeks ago and our hotel room had one wall covered with decoupaged book pages.
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A lot of crafters will use sections of text in their pieces, as ephemera. You could cut some, package in a group, and sell it. This place sells whole pages, and this sells cutouts.
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