Grill(s) of my dreams
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Due to a perfect convergence of rust and circumstances we find ourselves in the market for not one but TWO grills. Our ancient big Weber is corroding to the point of falling apart. At the same time we've become utterly fed up with crappy grills in parks so we're looking for two new grills - a big one for home and a portable one to take camping, in the car for after canoeing and hiking.

I'm looking for recommendations for both grills. We prefer charcoal to gas. I'm not looking to spend the kind of money a big green egg commands - we grill frequently and often cook for more than 4, seldom more than 8 people. Adjustable height racks are a plus, which makes me look for Weber alternatives for the home grill. Something packable when still warm is crucial for the portable grill. We use a chimney and hardwood charcoal. I've seen previous posts but haven't seen much on any decent portable grills. Give me your best recommendations! We're in SE Michigan - mail order or local both work.
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I've been happy with the Weber Smokey Joe as a portable grill. It's very simple however, and may not meet your needs. I use it as a regular grill as I seldom cook for more than two. If I close the exhaust vents, I could put it away within an hour. I do wish you could churn the ash from the outside however. It may be something for you to check out. Link.
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For the portable: I have no experience with this grill, but it caught my eye on Uncrate recently. Darwin Grill

Coolhunting has a pretty good breakdown of different grills worth checking out. Again, no personal experience.
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If you wanted to a Kamado style similar to the big green egg for home, the Vision Kamado is available at about half the price (~ $600 CDN here). I've had one for a little while now, and am quite happy with the quality, and versatility of the grill.
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