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Is there any program that can prevent one from searching for specific terms in Google?

Recently something happened to me and there is news being posted about me on the internet. I have a (perhaps understandable yet annoying) curiosity about the reports and have been Googling myself too much. I would like to stop doing that altogether but need some help. I can't block Google altogether (I have other work to do!) but is there some program that can block specific searches within Google ( my name!)? I haven't been able to find anything like that and I wonder if you know of anything. Thanks!

(I don't need any moral help, just technical help...)
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If you use Chrome, you can use Nanny for Google Chrome with a regular expression. From the documentation:

11. Can I block certain patterns of URLs ?
A sample scenario is this : I want to block all Google searches for games but other queries are ok. Yes, you can do it by having a blocked URL as "*games" .
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Response by poster: Thanks! Perfect.
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Response by poster: In the end, that didn't work for me. I played around with it a bit. But the program StayFocused is working great.
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