The mystery of the gigantic Asian princess photograph
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Two Asian restaurants near my house - I think the owners are Cambodian, but I'm not quite sure - recently hung in their dining rooms huge, glossy photographs of a very young girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old, dressed in elaborate royal regalia and wearing heavy makeup. It's very striking (and a wee bit creepy.) Who is this girl?
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Is she a Kumari? More pictures here.
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Kumari was my first thought as well.
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Was the "Who is this girl?" supposed to be a link to a photo? Otherwise, without a photo, it would be pretty hard to say. Could it just be some kind of souvenir photo aimed at Angkor tourists?
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Kumari are Nepali - pretty different from Cambodian/South East Asian.

Why don't you ask one of the proprieters?
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I can't tell you who she is but if the photograph looks like one of those Toddler Tiara kids, it is *all* over my Khmer friends on facebook, and I can ask them. By royal regalia, do you mean pagent-princess stuff with an Asian feel or specific Cambodian royalty type outfits?
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Perhaps it is Matina Shakya, the current Royal Kumari?
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Perhaps they are photos of girls performing Cambodian/Khmer classical dance. This Wikipedia article on Royal Ballet of Cambodia may help, as might this picture, to help compare costumes and crowns with the photos you've seen. This type of dance is not only performed by royal or professional companies. Here is a photo from a flickr user of a girl in an orphanage dance troupe.
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