medical certification in italy
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What kind of certification do you need to work in the medical field in Europe? Specifically in Italy?

I am going to stay with my fiancee in Italy and would like to keep working.
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"Medical field" is too vague. Are you a doctor? If so, where did you train? Lots of places have reciprocal agreements, or may require you to take exams to prove your competence according to their standards. You may also need to prove your language proficiency.

For example, off the top of my head - as a speech therapist trained in the UK I could work in New Zealand and Australia, I would need extra training to work in South Africa but it's possible, I would have to take an extra exam or two to work in Canada and it's extremely difficult for me to work in the US. I realistically couldn't work in any country where I am not fluent in the language because my work requires excellent communication.
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Oh, there is also the issue of visas, but I'm sure you're well aware of that one!
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i'm a histotechnician.
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