But I love brussels sprouts!
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What is this life-simulation game I played in the early days of the web?

Back in the late 90s I played a simulation game that had you start as an infant and progress developmentally based on a series of questions, i.e. your choices as a baby determined what type of toddler you would grow into (temperamentally, intellectually, etc) and so on.

Two specific things I remember:
  • One of the first questions is: you are a baby in a crib, and you spy something colorful from the corner of your eye. Do you turn to look at it? This choice has huge ramifications for you.
  • Around middle childhood, your character is served brussels sprouts for dinner and must choose whether to eat them. I said yes. The game told me I was dangerously compliant, and later it would not let me progress to adulthood.
It was text-based, but I definitely played it in Mosaic or Netscape rather than Lynx.

Any ideas?
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Is it Alter Ego?
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Yep, 2nd Alter Ego!
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There was an FPP about it on the Blue.
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Fourthing Alter Ego and mentioning that there's an iPhone app...
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And now I am playing it through instead of sleeping.
My alter-ego life seems to be mainly about trying and failing to save people and therefore witnessing terrible deaths.
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Response by poster: You guys are great. Maybe now I can finally self-actualize myself.
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