I need a classroom!
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My fundraising training class has taken off. I started teaching four weeks ago and now I have been asked to teach two more modules. Problem is one is in London. I would like to find a place to lead a fundraising training on consecutive Sundays in Watford between Watford High Street, Watford Junction and Watford Tube starting in September. Anyone have any ideas or alternatives I should consider? My classes are action learning so there are only handouts and homework not overheads.
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Best answer: There are a few serviced offices on the road between Watford Junction and the town centre, like this one.

You could also try a meeting room at the football club, which is a bit nearer the middle of your range. http://www.watfordfc.com/page/VicarageRoadConferencingDetail/0,,10400~2693929,00.html
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Best answer: I always deliver training in hotels. There are a number in Watford and anyone from Conferences Banqueting in any hotel will be able to help you easily. They are set up to deliver anything from room only (with water and notepads, normally) to that pus tea and coffee or that plus lunch, etc. Wifi and AV are normally included in the room rate.
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(Glad that answer was useful; sorry it was near-illiterate. I dunno what happened with the typing!)
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