Safe, easy, preferably free way to get hot corners in Windows 7
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I want OS X Exposé-style hot corners in Windows 7. Is there any alternative to Hot Corners or LiveEdge?

When a similar question was asked back in 2009, those two programs seemed to be the de facto standard. But unfortunately, both of them trigger virus warnings on my machine, even when downloaded from CNET (which I feel like is pretty reputable). The Hot Corners site explains that false virus warnings are often triggered by the program's installer, and provides the program's source for scrutiny, but I don't really want to have to dig to evaluate the validity of those claims. I just want something that works, that will let me trigger monitor sleep and/or a screensaver when I move the mouse to a specific corner or two of the screen.

On Windows XP, I used to use a cute little program called xHotSpot for this, which I think I got off of Aqua-Soft back in my heavy desktop-customization days. It still works fine on my old XP machine, and I still have the installer for it, but it doesn't work in Windows 7, even when I try to run it in Windows XP Mode via Windows Virtual PC.

Are there any newer programs out there that will do this while still being fairly lightweight/single-purpose/hopefully free? I don't really want to have to install any big, feature-laden, RAM-hogging program just to achieve this one simple thing. Bonus points if the suggested program has an option to disable it with a quick click in the notification area, e.g., before I start up a full-screen game.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me!
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Response by poster: I just got the follow-up email about this, but alas, it's still not resolved! Anyone? Bueller?
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