Ladyparts doctor in Boston?
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recommendationfilter: Anyone have a good lead on a friendly and knowledgeable Ob/Gyn in Boston?

Downtown Boston is a plus, but greater Boston is allowed. Ladies preferred Must take masshealth. Wait, are there people who don't take masshealth? No, don't answer that. Just the Ob/Gyn part.
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Virginia Simmons out of Newton-Wellesley hospital, which may be a bit of a hike, but she really paid attention to me when another doctor ignored my symptoms and was incredibly thorough in helping me to get things reserved.

Stephanie Morris works out of the MIGS clinic at Newton-Wellesley and is great, but she's a bit more specialized than general care. But I saw her too and she was the one who resolved the symptoms that Dr. Simmons wasn't able to (why Dr. Simmons referred me to Dr. Morris).

And if you don't mind considering a guy all other things being equal, Mark Faucher works out of the Harvard Vanguard at Post Office Square. He has an excellent bedside manner, is incredibly knowledgeable, and comforting. He is extremely non-judgmental, too. I do highly recommend him.

I believe that Harvard Vanguard accepts most Mass Health plans, too.
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I recently became a patient of Dr. Patricia DeGroot at Harvard Vanguard's Post Office Square location and was very impressed with her and the nurse practitioners there. Really, the entire staff there has been great. Not sure if they accept Mass Health.
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Womencare on the Cambridge/Arlington line was excellent when I went there in the '90s and early oughts. I've since found a gyno closer to home/work.

The doctor who founded the practice, Mitchell Levine, is still there, although the nurse practitioners I knew aren't listed on the staff page. I would bet that they take MassHealth.
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My wife's been very happy with Dorothy Dowling at the Fenway (Brookline Ave) Harvard Vanguard.
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Alice Rothchild is fantastic. She delivered my son and provided all of my ladyparts care while I lived in Boston. Compassionate, progressive and just plain terrific.
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Planned Parenthood in Allston is amazing.

Dr. Helen Jackson at St. Elizabeth's is also good.
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