Accessible Access Training?
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Microsoft Access Training/Classes in New York City (Manhattan), or your best suggestion of online materials.

A coworker asked if I knew anything about an MS Access class she could take in NYC. The company would be willing to pay for it, but it would preferably only one or two days long.

Good online resources would be accepted also as I had trouble seperating out the chaff on Google, but again, live is preferred.

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Best answer: The only Access training of which I am aware is via You likely will not find any live classes because Access is not very well-supported among power users; it is rather frowned upon.
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Best answer: I took an Excel class at New Horizons a few years ago that was very thorough and not too excruciatingly boring. They offer 1-2 day Access classes in-person.
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I haven't checked in the last five years, but once-upon-a-time Microsoft had free access tutorials available on their website. Don't know how far up in levels they go, but if friend is a neophyte who just wants to get pointed in the right direction, s/he could also check there.
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I don't live in NYC, but I have been working in Access recently. I took an intro course last fall but didn't start actually using it until the last couple of months. A book that I've found very useful both as a reference and to learn some concepts that I didn't learn during the class is the missing manual series access book.

To be honest, while the class was a good overview, I feel like just working through things and teaching myself has been even more so - it's kind of frustrating in that it can take forever to learn to do things that seem simple later, but it was very easy to just nod along during the class and then forget it all. If I were going to do it again, I would maybe even just work through things myself with a book like the one above and then think about investing in a class after I had some more ideas about what I wanted to do with the program. Just my two cents.
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