Emergency Pie Recipe
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Long shot but does anyone have the pork pie recipe from this Master Class 4" pie tin

I have 2 of those pie tins and they came with a pork pie recipe but I lost mine. I'm mostly looking for the cooking instructions as I use my own pastry recipe and the filling recipe is similar to another one I have but what I really need is the cooking time and temperature for a pie that size. All the recipes I've found online are too big, too small or don't specify.
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You could buy a new one for $11.65 and get the recipe again.


Sorry I couldn't help more!
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This recipe is for a 10cm (4") diameter pork pie - so about the same size as your tins. It calls for 1.5 hours baking at 200C (180C for fan-assisted ovens) to cook 450g of pork.
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