Pedicure in DC?
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Pedicure in Washington DC. I'm at the start of a long visit, and my feet hurt already!

Where's a good, cheap-to-middling place that will give me a thorough, vigorous, callus-and-wart removing pedicure reasonably cheaply?

I want to emerge uninfected with smooth happy feet that I can walk on comfortably: I don't want or need to soak in unborn bunny placentae, or pay for scented candles and wave machines.

Am downtown (near Meto Center) but am working at the Folger Shakespeare Library (near the Library of Congress) and can travel.
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I go to Nail Avenue on Connecticut Avenue, NW-about 2 blocks up from the Van Ness Metro on the red line. There's nothing super-duper-incredible about them, but they're reliable, good at what, not too pricey they do and CLEAN. And I've always walked in without an appointment with no problem.
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Not so cheap but Celedon on F street is right at Metro Center and I've gotten long lasting pedicures there that were worth the money.
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There is a new place on Barracks Row called Soleil 21 and it is getting great reviews and noted for its affordability.
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Thanks, guys: the place on Connecticut is on the line I take to get 'home', so I'll give it a try.
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If you're going to venture up on the Red Line, there are a number of places in Cleveland Park, right at the Metro. Cleveland Park Day Spa and ToeTally nails (both right at the Metro exits, opposite sides) are both good (and under the same management). A certain Supreme Court justice frequents CPDS, too! $40 for mani/pedi, I think at both places.
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Nail Avenue was wonderful, although the poor woman was visibly horrified at the condition of my poor, disgustingly calloused feet. Many thanks for the recommend!
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