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Looking for music journalism discussing German dance group Scooter.

I've recently been very interested in the group Scooter. When I'm this interested in a band, I like reading about them, but I can't find any critical music journalism on them or even any articles, and the interviews I can find aren't very good. I'm sure some articles have been written about them, but it's incredibly hard to find anything.
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They were huge in the UK and Ireland (this haunted the top 10 for weeks) so I'd suggest starting with the dance music press there from the 90s onward - Mixmag etc. At the same time, they were seen as a bit commercial/Scouse House/naff so I doubt they got the same coverage as Paul Van Dyck etc.
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They get discussed and briefly interviewed in the second half of this article on rave culture in the UK by Alexis Petridis, back in 2008.
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Stylus covered them quite a bit. (That's a Google search link, btw.)
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