Please help me fix a problem I am having in Wordpress?
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Having issues with a template and the location of the Search function.

I am putting together a very basic website for my workplace using the Twenty Eleven template. I really just want to use this template out of the box without having to make any changes to the coding.

My problem is that in the template preview for Twenty Eleven it shows the search box above the header - see here.

When I have applied this theme to my website it puts the search box below the header in the menu area (to be clear, the black section under the header).

I don't want it here as it means I can't get all my pages in the one line in the menu section.

I've tried moving it by putting the Search widget in the main sidebar which looks great, but it doesn't move the Search box in the menu, so I have two Search boxes if I do that.

I've used Twenty Eleven out of the box for another website and the Search box is and remains above the Header section at the very top of the page.

How can I get rid of the search box in the menu area? I really can't install Wordpress on my computer at work due to restrictions - every solution I have googled tells me I can do this by editing the code but that's not really the solution I am looking for. There must have been something really simple I've accidentally clicked - help me find out how to reverse it!
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Try downloading a copy of twenty eleven and replace the old theme with the one you just downloaded.
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Can you give a link to your current wordpress site as it's set up and showing this? I just tried to replicate it and I wasn't able to, looking at (Even if you just memail me, I promise not to squeal; I just want to see what it looks like.)

The first thing I'd check would be to make sure you didn't somehow manage to add a search to the menu somehow. (It's not easy to do but that's sometimes the magic of it.)
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Response by poster: royalsong - have done this, switched themes and then switched back again and the search function was still there.

mephron - have sent it to you...
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There is a routing issue between my office and my blog, so I can't log in to look at the 2010 theme. However, I thought that search box at the top was hard coded in the theme. It's no big deal to remove it, and it pretty obvious what code you need to tinker with. IIRC, it is an unordered list in header.php.

But I'm going totally on memory here, and I could be completely wrong and thinking about some other theme that I have worked with. However, take a look at header.php and see if you can find anything to remove. Just save a copy first so you can replace it if you screw up the theme tinkering.
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Response by poster: OK, so have been going step by step through the process from the start on another WP account I have and have worked out when the search box disappears!

When you choose a theme and choose to "customize" (one of the four options under the theme description) and then select "site title and tagline" and uncheck "Display Header Text" the search box moves!

Voila! Fixed! Should have perhaps tried this first before asking a question on here....
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Best answer: I was checking the MeMail and going "okay, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, works fine on all of these..."

And then came back to see other answers, and you'd fixed it!

Sorry I couldn't help more, but I am glad it's fixed.
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