Is There a Workflow or Permissions System for Youtube?
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Need a solution that will let multiple people post to a single YouTube account, but only after a review process.

I manage the YouTube account for my university. Over the years we have given the YouTube password (a separate account and password not affiliated with anything) to various folks around the university so they can put videos up without going through us. This is probably the worst solution for managing the account, but we got by on it...

...until today. Somebody put up a video with copyrighted music and we got a notice from YouTube. Not a big deal; we weren't in trouble, but YouTube was saying they'd put ads on the video. At the same time, someone else had put up one of our new commercials which aren't supposed to be unveiled until next week. I've taken both down. So that brings us to now.

I still want to give people the autonomy to post videos to the account without having to send it to helpdesk or webteam or any of our aliases, but I want to introduce some checks and balances so that we can give it a quick look to make sure it's not off-brand, terrible, breaks the guidelines, etc. Is there a solution for YouTube workflow? People work on various operating systems, so a web solution would work best.
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So, just to clarify what you're asking for, you want some kind of review process to vet uploaded videos before they're posted to the youtube account, but it should not require people to have to contact the helpdesk/webteam to be able to post, correct? Because it'd seem to me one of those two requirements will have to give.

Probably the closest you could get is setting up a rule with all your password holders that they may only upload videos as private, and then you have your reviewing authority be the only ones allowed under this new rule to toggle it to public.

If you choose this route, realize that YouTube's implementation of private videos has not been bug free in the past, and that any future bugs may allow the uploaded video be viewable by unintended parties.
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Who is the "we" in the sentence "so that we can give it a quick look to make sure it's not off-brand, terrible, breaks the guidelines"?

One answer is to change the password and just give it to the people who make up that "we" group. Those people get sent the video, they vet its ok and then upload it to youtube.

I'm not at all familiar with youtube uploading though.
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I think you want YouTube Direct:
...with YouTube Direct, you can add more interactivity to your site by soliciting video submission from your site visitors. This simple tool allows you to tap directly into the vast YouTube community to engage with your site, and it allows you to filter that activity in a private moderation console.
Instead of random visitors uploading video, you would embed the uploader on a site that you control and then require people who want to upload videos to use that site.

Note that this may require a software developer to deploy and configure (or maybe a technically inclined undergrad). It's designed to run on Google AppEngine, which you will probably be able to do within the limits of the free quota that Google offers, but you may need to at least give them a credit card number.
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Yeah, YouTube Direct looks perfect for this, minus any difficulty in setting it up. (It's intended for perhaps slightly larger organizations and thus doesn't appear to be turnkey at first glance)

There's definitely no way to do this in the regular YouTube upload process, since there is no way to add additional accounts as a channel's users or give access control rights, etc. Only the one account can post to a channel so anyone with access to the account has full permissions.
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