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I am looking for a Goodreads-like site for movie tracking.

Hello fine people of AskMetafilter! I really love GoodReads for tracking my to-read list, reviewing books I have read, and seeing what my friends are reading, want to read, and liked and didn't like. I sure wish there was some way I could do this with films (and maybe television) also! Can anyone recommend a site that would allow for as many of these capabilities as possible? Alternatively, I'd love to hear any tips people have of keeping track of to-watch lists for movies or exchanging movie recommendations with friends online. Bonus points for things that don't require syncing with Facebook.

For various reasons, let's assume that the Netflix recommendation system is a less than ideal option for me. Many thanks!
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It doesn't meet all your criteria, but I like to use Criticker to track my own movie ratings. I don't really use it much for recommendations, but it seems like it would be good for that too.
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Letterboxd is the closest thing I've found.
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Yes, Letterboxd looks perfect! Now does anyone have an extra invite lying around...? Shoot me a memail if so. Thank you!
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mubi is also another good one, and you don't need an invitation!
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There's also Jinni.
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