Are there any other websites that offer free legal movies other than Hulu?
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Are there any other websites that offer free legal movies other than Hulu?

I like to watch movies on the internet on my down time. I want to stay away from sites that offer pirated movies. Hulu has gone to Hulu Plus and you have to pay for some of their movies now. Are there any websites that offer free legal movies other than Hulu?
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Crackle Has free movies -- They have random commercial interruptions, but they're free and legal.
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There's public domain stuff on the Internet Archive.

And Crackle has some newer stuff, but with ads interspersed I believe.
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Youtube has free legal movies... I believe many (most?) of these are the same as the Crackle links posted above.
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Quasi-free: Amazon has an anemic collection of streaming movies that is free if you have an Amazon Prime account
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If you like avant garde stuff:
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I don't think there are any geographic limitations for it, so apologies if so, but the National Film Board of Canada has feature-length and short films available streaming for free on its website.
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Some free arthouse flicks here:
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topdocumentaryfilms has, as the name would suggest, many documentary films and TV series for free.
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Try Freemake once you do find a Youtube movie then the streaming issue is moot, jus' sayin'
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Xfinity has a lot of free movies available. If you're a Comcast customer, there's a larger selection (even larger if you have certain premium channels) but there are still a few thousand to watch if you're not.
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Not movies, but some pretty choice programs are available at ABC iview [I'm not sure if you have to be in Australia to access it though. For future reference, would someone like to confirm that for me?].
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unliteral, I just tried your link, it is restricted to Australia only. I'm in the US.
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Masterpiece theatre lets you watch some of the most recent episodes, kind of like hulu. The selection right now isn't to my taste but we've watched some fun things on there before.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! This gives me a good selection!
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In case anyone's still looking... I just found this list of free Hitchcock movies online -- most of them are from the Internet Archive.
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I was just going through my MeFi favourites and found another one that was posted on the Blue in June -- Open Culture's 500 Free Movies Online.
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