Who sounds like Fiona Apple, as heard in Anthropologie last week?
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What vocalists sound like Fiona Apple? I'm trying to ID a song I heard recently in an Anthropologie store, and I don't have much to go on besides the voice.

I failed to make note of many lyrics or details because it sounded so much like Fiona Apple, I just assumed it was a track from her new release, which I hadn't heard yet. I just listened to the whole thing, and no match.

The song used the word "alone" as part of the chorus, probably at the end of lines.

It had the impression of being more of a positive song (e.g. it's okay to be alone), as opposed to being about sadness and loneliness.

The arrangement was complex, and it was satisfying to listen to, in that the chords went where your brain wanted them to go. It didn't veer discordant or experimental.

I checked Anthropologie's Summer Playlist on Spotify -- no match. I found this playlist of common Anthropologie tracks (compiled in March by an employee), but I'm not familiar with every artist on the list, so I'm hoping for a shortcut with the Fionalike aspect. Any ideas?
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Nerina Pallot — Halfway Home (lyrics)
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Betcha it's Beth Orton on Alive Alone.
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I bet it's Rachel Yamagata!
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I came in to say Rachel Yamagata also, but I see she's not on the list. Could it have been Madeleine Peyroux - I'm Alright? (She's not Fionalike in style, but has a similar range.)
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I don't really know myself, but looking at songs on your list with 'Alone' in the title, I came across this song which sounds Fiona Apple-ish.

Nicole Atkins - Together We're Both Alone
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Even without going to the playlist I was going to suggest Ingrid Michaelson's Die Alone. Morbid title, catchy tune.
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Best answer: Maybe Sara Bareilles' Not Alone or Joan As Police Woman's To America? (The latter is a duet with Rufus Wainwright though, which you probably would have noticed and mentioned.)

You should try calling the store and see if they have a current playlist or something. Or you could go back and just hang out there until it comes on again! Ha, just kidding.
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Response by poster: Thank you, music geniuses! All guesses came close enough that I found some new music. The matching title is Sara Bareilles' "Not Alone." Nice work, désoeuvrée! I am thrilled to have the song this morning without having to go back to the store.
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Nice! Yeah, that piano is so Applesque!

On a side note, I first discovered my favorite band of all time (The National) when I heard their CD playing in a Barnes & Noble.
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