what is a "Flavor Shot" in a video script?
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I was just handed a script template in two-column video format, with a large space for a "Screen Shot/Flavor Shot" over a few lines with fields for other info like: Segment:, Timing:, Description of Action/Visual:, Script:.

I've seen this format around the web in template repositories.

Two questions:
1) is this a standard format that everyone will understand
2) what the hell is a "Flavor Shot"?

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Usually this format is used for short-form pieces. At work I generally see them for commercials or promos that we need to create, no longer than 5 minutes. Usually the client/coworker will put "What they want to see" in the left hand column, and then "What they want to hear" in the right hand column.

It's then up to the editor to find appropriate slates/b-roll/staged shots to cover the script and meet the timing guidelines.

The large space I would assume would be for a small sketch or demonstration shot copped from another piece/magazine photo/ that would more specifically outline the shot's look. Flavour is probably referring to visual style, like a contact sheet would show prospective looks to a print client.
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Response by poster: thanks, that's what I thought, but couldn't find any confirmation on the web, and the writer, whose template this is, is unavailable today.


PS: bonus thanks for spelling "flavour" correctly! I changed to the American spelling for this posting. :)
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