Nine's too short, eleven's too tall. Ten inches, please, or not at all.
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What well-known and interesting objects or animals are ten inches tall?

Types of things (the Mac G4 Cube, a Rhode Island Red chicken, a stacked set of World Book Encycopedias) or specific things (the crown of the Queen of England, the super-hero Doll Man).*

“About” 10 inches tall is okay if it's eyeball-close.

This is for a pop-culture sort of project, so things that most North Americans would recognize would be appreciated.

*none of these are ten inches high, to my knowledge. Just examples.
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An iPad?
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A barbie doll is 11 or 11.5, I believe. As is a sheet of letter-sized paper (11.5, specifically).

An average sized women's shoe, or a smallish men's shoe?

A French press coffee pot.

A Big Gulp soda.

A bottle of shampoo? Might be a little on the short side.

A smallish lamp.

A tallish birthday cake.

A wine bottle.

A box of cereal.
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"textbook" size books (O'Reilly etc) are about 10 inches tall when standing up on a shelf.
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5 US business cards high. (2" x 3")
2 index cards across. (3" x 5")
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Not trying to threadsit, but I'm really looking for 10-inch things; naming things that come in broad categories ("a book", "a doll", "a cat") isn't particularly helpful because those aren't things that are 10 inches tall, just categories of things that contain individual items that might be 10 inches tall.

So "A box of Quaker Harvest Crunch cereal, 454g size" would be super helpful, but "a box of cereal" isn't really hitting that specific note I need (and is veering dangerously into what might be chatfilter).

Apologies if that wasn't clear at the outset.
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A standard men's basketball is about 9.5".
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Given the observed variation of size amongst apples, Smurfs.

I would have suggested Fraggles, but they're apparently 18 inches tall.
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Given the observed variation of size amongst apples, Smurfs.

True, but Smurf figurines themselves are more like 1 - 2" tall, so alot of people might be confused by that one.

an iPad in portrait orientation is 9.5" tall.
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For some reason the first thing that came to mind was the Maltese Falcon statue, but looks like it is actually 11.5".
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Domino's and Papa John's list their small pizza as 10".
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A standard electric kettle

A 1L Bodum

RIBBA frames

GUND Pooh (in fact, an entire GUND range)
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A headless GI Joe action figure.
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An 8x10 headshot in portrait orientation.
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The world's largest gummy bear
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A CD is just shy of 5 inches across, so two of them would make 10 inches.
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Many Folkways albums were 10", since it was the standard size of a 78 record, but gave more music in microgroove format.
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Remember the size of Monopoly boxes back when there was only 1 kind of Monopoly? Board game boxes of that size are 10 inches in one dimension.
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Boreal Owl
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Bull Moose Jackson's record of a band that plays the blues!
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Burrowing Owl (7.5-10 inches tall)

Yorkshire Terrier (6-7 inches at shoulder, so 10ish inches tall)

Maltese (8-10 inches)

A #10 envelope is 9.5"

Darth Vader Alarm Clock
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1 Liter Aquafina Water Bottle = 10.1 inches tall
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I just measured the Super Big Gulp cup I have on my desk, and it's 8". The Double Gulp Cup (64oz) should be closer to 10".

A long-box of Kleenex is 9" and a 26oz bottle of Windex is under 11"
My Macbook Pro is about 10.5" from front to back.

A standard Road Flare should be about 10"
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25cm or 250mm = 9.84 inches, so if that's within your tolerance you can look at things with a nice round metric number.

There's a shoe chart here so you can read down - eg, Euro 39.

Circular table saw blades are commonly (but not always) 10 inches.
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FWIW I wear a Euro 39 -- it translates to a US women's size 8 or a men's 6.
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Harry Potter's wand is 11", which I'd say is eye-ball close. if that's not close enough, there's the Blackthorne wand which is precisely 10" or Hermione's at 10 3/4".
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McQueen's ten inch tall stilettos

If you google doll, ten inch, you get Bratz. Google candle ten inch, you get this. Not sure about all Rhode Island Reds, although mine are close, but here's a ten inch electronic robot chicken. Here's a kukuri. A gazing fountain.

John Holmes (so they say.) Subway's famous footlongs are ten inches.

Animals are difficult: Typically, the average height of a cat is eight to ten inches. Breed standards for Rat Terriers call for at least ten inches. Jack Russells and MinPins can't be under ten or over 12. Maltese are eight to ten. Burrowing owls are ten inches. Larger geckos, ditto. The average height of the human head is around ten inches. Camomile grows about ten inches high. Dwarf snapdragons.

Are you looking for one of a kind items, or would anything ten inches high do? We live in a highly variable world.

There's a movie Ten Inch Hero.
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Palmolive 25 oz detergent

Box of spaghetti on end

Heinz ketchup 40 oz

(gathered as I wait for water to boil)
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