Art Print ID needed
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Looking for a link to this image and/or information about artist, please. Fantasy-like/surreal art, landscape orientation. Circa 70s - early 80s - there may have been other similar prints. Female face/eyes (large), with 2-3 small sparrow-like birds gazing up at her from the lower corners of the image. Greyish and yellowish tones throughout, "misty" feel. (I think the last name of the artist starts with F ?). Any ideas?
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This illustration by Arthur Rackham popped into my mind when I read the description of the sparrows... meets some of your points but not all.
posted by Rora at 7:24 PM on July 11, 2012

Maybe something by Sulamith Wulfing? Prolific German fantasy artist in the 70s. Examples of work. Wiki entry.
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Could this be Susan Seddon Boulet by any chance?
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Both are beautiful, thanks for showing them to me.
Susan's work is lovely as well!

The one I am thinking of has stronger, darker lines, and an overall darker, mysterious tone.... eyes are shadowed (has eyeliner, mascara)... but yours all have the same misty"feel" as the one i am thinking of.

Will post something similar if I can find it - thanks for all the responses so far!
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(Just to clarify, there is no body in the image - just the face/eyes, looking straight out at the viewer (centered))
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were there any celtic elements? You're description brought to mind the work of Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick.
He's extremely prolific and was working in the 70s and 80s so one of his older works perhaps.
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The artist who I thought of is Frank Frazetta.
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Sorry, those aren't it either... thanks very much for your help though!
posted by NorthernAutumn at 6:37 PM on August 12, 2012

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