What liqueur has the most ingredients?
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What liqueur has the most ingredients?

The liqueur Chartreuse is said to consist of "130 herbal extracts". My Google-fu was not helpful here. Is there a liqueur with more than 130 ingredients? If so, which liqueur has the most?
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Benedictine is probably up there, as well, but Chartreuse may have the crown.
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I immediately thought Chartreuse before I read below the fold.
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Killepitsch is a blend of 90 fruits, berries, herbs, and spices, but appears to lose out to Chartreuse.
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Chartreuse and Benedictine were my guesses as well.
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Strega also apparently claims ~70 ingredients - but I really doubt you're going to find anything that beats Chartreuse. Part of the problem is that many of the potential contenders simply don't publicize any information about their ingredients or even their number. Even ignoring that, though, 130 is just a tremendous number of ingredients.
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I thought Jagermeister, but I see they claim only 54 or so. I think you've started at the apex.
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Looks like Centerba—Italy (infusion of 100 high mountain herbs), is the only liquor that comes close to Chartreuse regarding amount of herbs.
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