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Help me choose a hotel in San Francisco, fairly close to Moscone Center - currently reserved at the Clift, but also looking at Good Hotel, Hotel Rex, and Hotel Vertigo. Has anyone stayed at more than one of these that can make a comparison? Thanks..
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I haven't stayed at any of them (I live in the Bay Area), but Good Hotel and Hotel Vertigo are in less-desirable locations than the others. (Good in particular is in a kind of no-man's-land in SOMA; there's not much close by, and the area's a little sketchy.) None are terribly convenient to Moscone, but the Clift would be the easiest walk.
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I frequently stay near Moscone. I'm fond of the St Regis--depending on the week it can be either a great deal or stupendously expensive. I haven't heard about Vertigo or Good. I haven't stayed at the Clift in year--my recollection was that it was getting a bit worn but the Redwood Room remains hopping for after hours post-conference networking (AKA drinking)--this could be a plus or minus depending on your POV. I have had good experiences at the Kimptons nearby--Palomar and Serrano--which often have good rates.
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I really like the Intercontinental a lot - unless it is out of your price range?
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Haven't stayed at the Rex, but have stayed at other Joie de Vivre places in the City and really liked them- customer service is very good. I've heard the Rex is kind of victorian old-fashioned boutique hotel, some people aren't into that but I would stay there. I think the bar at the Clift is creepy, but that's purely subjective.

Good Hotel used to be Joie de Vivre as well, though no longer. It gets some extremely poor reviews on Yelp, mostly complaining about dirtiness and noise.
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I have stayed at the Clift, and unless they've changed them in the last few years, the bed was the most glorious thing I have ever slept in. It's also a pretty convenient walk to Moscone, and is located in Union Square, so it's close to multiple public transportation options.
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Hotel Triton was nice. Not too far from Moscone, if I remember right.
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Thanks all, I think I'm going to keep it at the Clift. Reviews on all of them are all over the map, hard to trust them. I checked out Triton but it was booked out.
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Good Hotel used to be Joie de Vivre as well, though no longer. It gets some extremely poor reviews on Yelp, mostly complaining about dirtiness and noise.

I stayed here once because there was some sort of cheap deal I had. I got bitten by things overnight. Plus it's sort of in a crappy spot. Would not go back.
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Good Hotel was functional for me but the location was not optimal for a single woman coming and going to Moscone. (I'm not easily made nervous.) Nothing bit me, but it's extremely unimproved.
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Stayed at Good Hotel a couple of weeks ago. Not a fantastic area, but otherwise the hotel was fine.
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