I want my new music track of the day!
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Help me find a new 'new music track' podcast!

Over the last few years I found some fantastic music via the CBC 3 "New music track of the day", and to some degree XM Radio's "Weekly New Music" podcasts.

Some of the artists I came across and was so glad to find:

Land of Talk
Hannah Georgas
Bent by Elephants
Luke Doucet
Julie Fader
Hawksley Workman

many more I can't remember now. But CBC 3 ended the "track of the day" last year, and XM Radio ended their similar version a couple of years ago. They were great, handy little podcasts that I could listen to without having to be tied to a schedule or computer. I also miss the insight and commentary from the DJ's about the artists that you don't normally get in a block of songs on the radio. Sadly CBC changed their website and I can't even find the old podcasts there or on iTunes any longer (same for the XMU show). I know CBC 3 still has similar programs but I can't listen to the radio just anytime so the podcasts were a handy way of making them accessible when I wanted.

Is there something similar out there in cyber-land that offers the same sort of thing?
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Best answer: I currently listen to three song of the day podcasts: KCRW's Top Tune, KEXP's Song of the Day, and The Current Song of the Day by Minnesota Public Radio. These are frequently "NPR" type artists but I've definitely been introduced to some really good music by them.

All are available on iTunes and I think on the new iOS podcast app as well.
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I like Indiefeed.

I usually let the tracks pile up for a month or two then listen to a bunch of new tracks all at once.
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Seconding immlass --- those would be the three I'd recommend as well.
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Why not the Radio 3 Podcast with Grant Lawrence? It's on iTunes, it's linked on R3's website, etc.

Or are you particularly looking for a track-a-day type thing?
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Sorry, the correct link is: CBC Radio 3 Podcast.
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Response by poster: Yes I just want track-a-day. I'm going to check out immlass' recs. Thanks!
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Do a search for radio stations' track-of-the-day feeds, especially KEXP, Minnesota Public Radio's The Current, and KCRW.
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