Have hair, will cut hair, need cut hair made into a wig.
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Asking for a friend: Where in Northern California can I get a wig made out of my hair to give to a family member with cancer?

My friend wants to cut her (very long, healthy) hair and give it to someone who can create a wig out of it for one of my friend's family members that is dealing with cancer. She found a place in LA that would do it but her family member would have to come with her (for a fitting, I guess) and that person is currently too ill to travel, even a short plane ride. Both of us are both dumbfounded that there does not appear to be any type of similar business anywhere north of LA, even in San Francisco. My friend called Locks of Love and the American Cancer Society and they couldn't help (as far as directing her to this specific type of business). My friend will likely cut her hair anyway and donate it, but I know it would mean a lot to her if she could give it directly to her family member. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Call orthodox synagogues and ask for recommendations for wigmakers.
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don't have any personal experience with this site but check it out, it looks like it could be just what you want: http://www.caringandcomfort.com/myownhair.shtml
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it's an order service but doesn't look like you have to show up.
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I was going to do this for a family member and was going to use World of Wigs. Their phone number is 714-547-4461 and the person I spoke to is Renee. They told me that it normally takes hair from 3 people to make a wig, they need at least 12 inches of hair and you can expect to lose three to four inches of that twelve when the wig is finished. The cost is $2195, it takes eight weeks and it doesn't require the person the wig is for to show up.
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According to Locks of Love, it takes 8-10 ponytails (10+ inches long) to make one of their wigs...so I don't know if your friend's one ponytail would be enough.
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