Best web usability blogs?
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Please recommend some blogs on current trends in web usability and user-centric design.

I'm looking for the best web resources to help me stay on top of the curve. I'm a long-term reader of Jakob Neilson's Alertbox, which I find useful but a little... old fashioned. My focus is very much on the end-user experience rather than the nuts and bolts of design. Thanks!
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Best answer:
posted by spilon at 8:48 AM on July 9, 2012

Best answer:
posted by xbonesgt at 8:59 AM on July 9, 2012

Best answer: This one is my favorite probably:

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Response by poster: Thanks guys, that's a lot to get me started :)
posted by londonmark at 12:47 AM on July 10, 2012

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