Oh, Bugger.
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I am a Canadian tourist in London. I've had my purse stolen. What do I do? Actions already taken and details inside

On Friday night I was visiting a pub with friends from the conference I've been at. A very professional thief snatched my bag from under my chair. It contained EVERYTHING: passport, wallet with credit cards, debit and all my ID, my Iphone (which was turned off, but not locked) and my keys.

I have already cancelled the cards, deactivated the phone number and cancelled the passport. I get a replacement emergency credit card tomorrow; I also will visit the Embassy to get travel documents. What else do I/ can I do here and now? And what's the best way to go about replacing the DL and other ID?
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Once you have your new documents, find out if your credit card can arrange for a local bank to give you a cash advance. Arrange for whoever has your spare keys to meet you at the airport when you return home; if no one has a copy of your keys, arrange for someone to have your locks changed for you and get a new front door key from your super and have THAT person meet you at the airport on your return.
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I'm sure you already thought of this but you may need a police report for your insurance. I'm so sorry it happened to you, it is very common unfortunately in London. I left my bag in the midst of friends in a pub on the Kingsway, got back from the loo, bag gone. So I rang my mobile and could hear it from behind the bar. By the time I got to the bar someone had switched it off and they swore blind I miss-heard. Ugh!
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I do have a police report -- I called the cops the moment the theft took place, almost. It was stolen from underneath me, while I had the strap wrapped around the leg of the chair and my foot on the bag. Amazing. And yes, it was a theft: I've seen the CCTV footage.
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If your phone stored your passwords to sensitive sites (email, banking, investments etc) immediately change your passwords
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Was your SIN on anything in the wallet? If so, Service Canada has information about who to call.
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For those less serious items: There's an Apple store in Covent Garden which may be able to give you info on replacing your iPhone, or, if you're going to be here for a while and it's important you have one, you can pick up a PAYG where for £10-£20 they'll include a cheap mobile with it. For a cheap bag replacement, try Primark on Oxford Street. I'm sorry this happened to you, but it's unfortunately pretty common, especially in the centre of the city.
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