Sharing good PowerPoint slides within a company
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Please help me set up something like a shared shoebox for keeping useful PowerPoints slides, ideas for visual representations, graphics, etc.

At work we spend a lot of time fussing with PowerPoint, especially putting together proposals and reports. A lot of the time we are duplicating efforts. We often discover that, after spending an hour on a slide, that someone else has created a similar slide for another deck and we would have saved ourselves a lot of time and effort if we didn't have to start from scratch.

My initial idea was to setup a dropbox folder. We also use Google apps (drive/docs) and Basecamp to share files. But the details are getting in the way here. One is, how to catalog the files? Tags? Categories? Descriptions? How to know what you're looking for in someone else's deck? How to motivate (incentivize?) people to regularly update the shoebox with useful slides and properly label/tag/categorize them?

All of these questions lead to one: Has anyone done this before? If you are doing it, how is your shoebox set up?

Looking for examples, workarounds, etc. Are there any out-of-box purpose-built solutions that I'm missing? While this is going to be a shared resource, if you have something you use just for yourself, I'd be interested in learning about it as well.

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You might want to look at Slide Rocket.
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