Hack a Depends? I'm out of ideas.
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Dog diapers suck, they're expensive and they don't fit! Anyone successfully hacked adult diapers for a large-breed dog? My dog (and my floors and my nose) need help....

My best pal on the planet is 13, she's a 95-odd lb. shepherd/lab mix and she's got urinary incontinence. Absorbent pads don't work (she's used to bare floor or a dog bed). I have her in to the vet this weekend to see whether she's got a UTI or some other condition that can be treated...till then, I've been able to use waterless shampoo, wipes, etc., to help her. But I can't be there all the time. Any suggestions?
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My parents just used regular diapers and cut a hole for the tail of our family dog. There was some powder spillage from the diaper, but it wasn't too bad. I suppose you could tape the edges of the hole. I don't think it should be too hard.
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You can get some large child / small adult size shorts knit (think cheap thrift store shorts) and cut a hole out for the tail. Then you lay inside it a size 5 or 6 'overnight' baby diaper, using double sided tape to secure. Some of the urine will occasionally get on the shorts, so have several pairs, and make sure they fit tightly.

Also, when you go to the vet on Saturday bring with you a free catch urine sample.
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Best answer: We made hundreds of modified diapers last year for our cat, and this video was a lifesaver for us--and the process works for diapers for dogs.
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When my little lady was in heat we put her in backwards little boy underpants with her tail through the pee hole part and then used super big pads. Perhaps you could do the same with men's underpants and a Poise pad?
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I never had to use the diapers, but....

When my female dog had this issue awhile back I lined all of her favorite sleeping spots with these bed-wetting pads. And things went OK--just had to do extra laundry.

As a side note, if it's your buddy just getting old and not UTI related, your vet may recommend PPA. From my experience it does work, but will make your dog uncomfortable (pacing around all the time, panting, etc.). I had really good luck with DES (had to get from a compounding pharmacy). She was on one pill every 5 days and never had an accident once acclimated to that.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: There's no UTI. She's been prescribed Proin for incontinence. Thank you all!
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