Over the moon
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My friend wants me to try to recreate this painting as a decoration for her wedding. The problem is that neither of us have any idea who the artist is/where the image came from. Can you help? Also, it would help me out immensely if I had access to a higher quality image to work from.
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That's a vintage advertising print. Circa 1910 or so, possibly for champagne. Casual Googling didn't bring up that exact image, but lots similar.
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Looks like a vintage ad, probably turn of the century. This would have most likely been a print, not a painting. If I had to guess, I'd say it's for some kind of liquor. Possibly an aperitif like Fernet-Branca or vermouth or something.

This ad for Rossi has a moon which looks very similar to yours. Maybe it's a more obscure Rossi or Martini & Rossi ad?
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Here's a larger image.
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The URL points to a cached image from pinterest. Is this something your friend pinned? If so, can you trace through the pin to find a source image, or tags, or a blog post, or anything else at all, to go on? Or maybe post some of that information here?

Even a tumblr with no source info would be better than the image you linked, because TinEye doesn't know what to do with that URL.
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Here's where it was originally pinned - it says it's a postcard...
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This looks like it may be the original Tumblr source, so you may be able to contact her directly and see if she has any more information on its source.
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(since it looks like the original is a postcard that won't be very high-res)

I've got mediocre artistic chops, but at camp we'd always make large murals by using a grid technique (example). It's easy enough to tweak proportions for whatever backdrop size we needed. And if an un-talented 14 y.o. can do it, it can't be too difficult.
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Based on the cropping, the subject matter, and the level of detail, I'm still not sure it's really a postcard. Especially considering that Tumblr doesn't exactly cite anything or show any real evidence that anything is what she says it is.

Could you turn it into a transparency somehow, and project the image onto a larger surface?
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My one concern with a transparency would be further degradation of the image quality. So while it's slightly less work than the grid method, there's a cost.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great input! I should be able to recreate the basic proportions and lines - I was looking for higher res to get a better look at some of the details, esp in the woman's face and dress. This has to be on the internets somewhere!
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