Recommendations for Hong Kong hotel for an overnight layover for an exhausted family
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Recommendations for hotel by airport in Hong Kong for a quick overnight stay between flights? We will be traveling with a 6 month old, and will likely be exhausted, so sightseeing won't be important. Ease, (relative) affordability the most important things! I'm going to try to go on Kayak today, but rec's would be helpful. Thanky in advance!
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I usually just use the private nap rooms available by the hour right inside the airport - private showers and bathrooms and fluffy towels and whatnot are all included - but I am not totally sure how awesome that would be with a little duder. It is super convenient, though.
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Novotel Hong Kong Citygate

Free shuttle bus from the airport (it's a ten minute ride), attached to a shopping mall and the MTR if you're so inclined. Price isn't too bad for Hong Kong, but it is a nice place and the rooms we've had have been snazzy and quiet.
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Here's a listing, there appear to be a few hotels connected to the airport.
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Thanks all!
Question: there are some hotels that look nice that are about $75 less than the ones with airport shuttles or attached to an airport. For instance, one (the Royal View) cites that it's a 20 minute drive from the airport. How much would a taxi be? If they're dirt cheap, then we would probably go the cheaper one with taxi, but if not, then definitely go for convenience!
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We went ahead and booked the one attached to the airport. When talking to someone who lived in the city, comparing pros and cons of going with cheaper hotel in the city, it didn't really shake out to a lot less considering commute cost and time.

Convenience for the win!

Thanks again, everyone.
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