Life of a Salesman - how to find one!
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How to find good sales people? (Looking for Groupon refugees...)

I've recently purchased a website design business, focused on developing sites for small businesses and insurance agents. I'd like to bring on some direct sales folks with a little experience in sales to do some very direct marketing (e.g., picking up the phone and dialing for dollars!)

Would love any ideas on where to find these folks!
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You have done a Linkedin search, right? It lets you search by skill set, title, and past companies worked at.
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Response by poster: Yes - and it's excellent -- but if you blind mail / connect to them you get dinged for spamming. Don't want to cross the gods!
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The best option is to hire someone personally known to you, or somebody you know, that has documented experience selling web development or Internet marketing related services.

If you can't find somebody through personal connections, somebody currently in small business sales with AT&T, Comcast, or one of the Yellow Page companies is a good prospect. They have experience in a high volume call environment, and those companies tend to burn out their small business reps fairly quickly. Also, they are all selling web design, hosting, SEO black magic, etc. now so they have directly applicable experience.

I was selling six figure web design deals way back in 1996, when it was actually a big deal. And I've sold for Internet related companies ever since. I also do a little web development on the side myself. Feel free to ping if you have questions. However, I'm not looking for a job :)
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If you buy the basic paid LinkedIn subscription (less than $20 a mont) you get a package of "InMails" which let you contact strangers without penalty.
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I've never gotten irritated about a stranger on LinkedIn (or anywhere else) contacting me about a job that is actually interesting. It's the idiots spamming be about entry level gigs, or stuff I am clearly 100% unqualified for, that I report.

Also, professional sales people are not likely to be uptight about a LinkedIn contact request from a stranger who thinks they might be interested in a job related to what they are currently doing.

So I think you are perfectly fine to find 4 or 5 interesting looking candidates on LinkedIn, and reach out to them.
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