Where are the good job sites?
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What are the best online sites for job hunting - specifically technical sales and marketing (software sales, hardware, etc). I got blind sided by a layoff on Monday. I've spent the last two days working my network and now it's time to start hitting the job sites. What are the good ones? I haven't had to do this in about 6 years. My initial reaction is that the job sites aren't any better, and maybe are worse, than I remember.
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Best answer: Indeed.com or SimplyHired.com are great meta-search engines that search across lots of sites. I've also had a lot of luck lately with LinkedIn - there are both a lot more job postings on there now (and plenty I haven't seen posted elsewhere) and recruiters (especially software sales).

Sorry about the layoff and good luck!
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I really liked using Indeed. It's an aggregate site so it pulls posting from multiple places like Monster, DICE, Career Builder etc.

Also, posting your resume could be helpful. I got the interview for my current job because a recruiter saw my resume on Monster. I had seen the posting elsewhere and sent my resume by email but was surprised to hear he hadn't even seen it (yet).

You can also try craigslist but from what I've seen, it's mostly small companies or new startups. They usually need someone ASAP but can't afford to pay as well as larger, more established companies.
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I found LinkedIn to be invaluable in my job search. At one point I did pay for a premium job seeker account, which opened up a large number of additional jobs. Join groups associated with your line of work - often, there'll be jobs posted in those groups too.

37signals' Job Board and Authentic Jobs are good, too, but the latter leans away from pure sales/marketing.
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Anecdata bordering sales pitch: Within three weeks of posting my resume on Dice.com, I got a job that nearly doubled my pay and got me into telecom after trying to get out of call center hell for 2.5 years. This was around one year ago. Dice is specifically geared to IT (in the broad sense).
Monster tended to get me calls for temporary contracts, all under three months. I've not since used Monster as a result.
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Nthing Indeed and Dice. Some people have had luck on Craigslist as well, but it's really a YMMV thing.

LinkedIn is my personal preference. I've gotten some bites by recruiters and hiring managers from there (alas, no job offers as of yet.)

Hang in there - you're not alone!
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When I had to go out to job search rather than networking, dice.com was the only site that I actually got good results on. Monster and Hotjobs turned up shady primerica offers and a lot of temp work.
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Flexjobs.com - Especially sales & Marketing, lots of telecommute jobs. It's a pay site, and worth every penny. After two years on the site looking for extra work to append my salaried job, I found only one dicey one, and that was tagged and removed posthaste. This might get you by at least for now, or you may luck out and snag a good one right there....best of luck.
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