Happiness is loneliness... cause I can't find this mix
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You may be familiar with Dj Tomcraft and his song Loneliness. I'm searching for those exact same lyrics, but closer together and the song has more... tempo?

I know I have heard this song. It's EXACTLY like the DJ Tomcraft song, except it's... tighter. I don't know how to explain it but the lyrics aren't so spaced out, they're basically sung together. It *must* be some remix, but I can't find it in my collection which makes me wonder if I'm going nuts! If it helps my CD collection is OLD and consists of things like DJ Skribble and such. I'll try to answer follow ups as best I can, and if you know of someplace that lists all remixes for a particular song I'm open to searching that myself too.
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Lyricsfreak lists the songwriters as;
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Best answer: Wikipedia says it's based on Andrea Martin's "Share the Love". This was released in 1999, so maybe you're remembering someone spinning the white label into another track?
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. Sometimes I amaze myself at how little I think about a problem. Share the love is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for and as soon as I get back to my computer I am sure I will find it because that looks and sounds so familiar. And now I've got a great jumping off point.
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