Artist/name of this song?
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Songfilter: long conga fill for the intro, female singer, older tune, maybe of hispanic origin, lyrics are something like: "i've been locked away for so long, i forget why i'm even here" help! driving me nuts!

any ideas?
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....Might the lyrics you quote instead be something like "I've been down so long, being down don't bother me" or "I've been down so long it looks like up to me"? Because that's a line that gets used in a couple of blues standards, and knowing the title may help you look.
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that might be it, it sounded like it was related to being imprisoned or something
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it's not the doors thats for sure
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The Doors is just one of many groups who've done that song.
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Could it be a remix of "words get in the way" by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine? Lyrics : it was released on the same album as "Conga" - so maybe your mashing the two up in your head?
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i don't think so... doesn't sound like her at all... it's like an old-school type song. there's a really long conga fill in the beginning, i know that much.
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Nothing about being locked away, but maybe the Madonna song "I'm going bananas"?
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that's not it either
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there's a really long conga fill for the opener, it's proabably a mexican/spanish song, and possibly not very well known?
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Is it "Long Time Woman" by Pam Grier?

It was in the soundtrack to Jackie Brown, though it's clearly a much older song. (Wikipedia says it was recorded for her film The Big Doll House in 1971.)

Part of the lyrics is a line that goes:

I've been locked away so long/I've forgotten my crime

The song is in English, but it has a long conga (or maybe bongo?) drum intro.
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Had to go look this up for myself, so here's the link for others coming along while this video is still up.
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