Sausage tourism in Munich and Austria?
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I'm a big fan of sausage - all kinds of sausage. Street vendor sausage, fancy sausage, pork sausage, chicken sausage, beef sausage. I am traveling to Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna for a few weeks in July. Where can I get the best (for whatever definition of "best" suits you) sausages, whether it be a quick lunch at a vendor between sights or a sit-down dinner?
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OMG! You will love the Wurst!

Gotta try the currywurst (although that's more of a Berlin kind of thing.)

Just follow your nose. Cruise around. It's not unusual to get a plate of wurst with cabbage/sourkraut, and potatoes pretty much anywhere in Germany. Senf is mustard and it's totally a thing.

Food trucks are great, so are little haufbrau joints.

Food in Europe is just so much better, so you can be safe tucking into whatever link looks hot and juicy to you!
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Best answer: Munich: You'll find a large variety of sausage-like products almost anywhere. Look for restaurants that are full of local people. You'll likely find what you need there.

For the most famous Bavarian sausage, Weisswurst, timing is more important than location. Between Breakfast and Lunch (kinda Hobbit-like: Elevenses).

Although not sausage-shaped, you should also try pan-fried Leberkäse, while you're about it.
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Best answer: Käsekrainer is my favourite - a pork wurst with little chunks of cheese in it. Very widely available in Vienna, I believe.
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Best answer: Oh, and if you're more into mainstream stuff, try various kinds of Bratwurst. Geographically, Nürnberger Bratwurst is closest.
Some German sausages are made of beef (Rinderwurst); like everywhere else, you have smoked and unsmoked varieties. Waiters should be able to satisfy your curiosity in English.

Come to think of it, the best place to eat this kind of stuff outside the city centers would be a butcher-con-restaurant; they do exist.

[Obligatory sound: Hmmmm. Sausage!]
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Best answer: Bratwurst Glöckl in downtown Munich has all sausages you could wish for (specifically, Nürnberger). Try Weißes Bräuhaus for Weißwürste (also Munich Downtown).
My personal favorite is Schweinswürstl from Metzger Brunner in Landshut where I grew up - if you drive through Landshut, definitely give them a try. Landshut also has a charming medieval downtown, might be worth a trip if you have the time.
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Best answer: If you're in Salzburg, get a Bosna!

If only I could have a Bosna right now. So good.
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Best answer: In Salzburg, the outdoor beer garden at Augustiner has an amazing little "food court" if you will, including sausages. I still dream about their corn salad.

Munich: you pretty much can't go wrong. Try currywurst from the street vendor! Love a good currywurst...they're just not the same here, even if you get the curry sauce from a German shop.
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OH god how did I forget Weisswurst in Munich? SO good...a definite don't-miss!
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Best answer: Toad brings up a helpful German food tip. "Metzger" is german for "butcher", and many butchers operate their own restaurant/pub, sometimes in the same building. If you're in a pinch for a decent meal, don't overlook the shops. The best schnitzel I've ever had was in the back of a local Metzgerei.
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Best answer: Bergwolf has the best currywurst in Munich. It's even better than every currstwurst I've ever had in Berlin.
For Weißwurst try Bratwurst Glöckl, Weißes Bräuhaus or any of the Augustiners.
Every butchery in Munich sells Semmeln (bread rolls) with meat on them to take away. Leberkässemmel is probably the most popular one, not really a sausage but close enough. Fleischpflanzerlsemmeln are also pretty great. Vinzenz Murr is a local chain of butcheries that's everywhere in Munich. They're quite good, but my favorite butchery in Munich is Otto Bruckner. Everything is high quality and delicious and the shop reminds me of growing up in Munich in the 80s. While you're there, get some Gelbwurst or Wurstsalat.
If the weather is good, buy a grill, beer (Augustiner or Tegernseer are the only real options here), and some meat (I recommend Bratwurstschnecke) and go to Flaucher.
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Best answer: Also in Munich, the Ratskeller (restaurant in the cellar of the town hall, Rathaus, can't miss it) has a whole sausage menu:
then scroll down for the
FRÄNKISCH-BAYERISCHE WÜRSTLPARADE - or "parade of sausages from Franken and Bavaria. Not the cheapest place in town but nice vaults.
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Indeed, Ratskeller has fabulous sausages (Schnitzel, too) - I'd go for the Schnapszipfel, a rare, traditional delicacy!
Currywurst is not a Munich specialty - that's basically like having deep dish pizza in San Francisco. You can probably get it somewhere, but it's not authentic. That being said, I second Bergwolf, a hipster-type location that's also good for people-watching.
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(Wow, snownoid, Bruckner is also my favorite butcher shop. Who'd have thought. I miss them and their fabulous Wacholderschinken...)
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Best answer: Dude. Schlemmermeyer in the Viktualienmarkt has my favorite Bratwurst in the city. They have both the spicy ("Polnische") and regular varieties. In addition to that, you absolutely must try their Leberkäse which, despite literally being translated as "liver-cheese," is neither liver nor cheese -- it's like a Bavarian spam/meatloaf that's served on a roll with mustard.

Currywurst is not a Munich specialty - that's basically like having deep dish pizza in San Francisco. You can probably get it somewhere, but it's not authentic.
Patxi's, Little Star, and Zachary's would beg to differ. But I agree with you about Bergwolf.

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Best answer: You're more in the world of Leberkaese and Bretzeln than Wurst, though you must of course have Weisswurst whilst you're in Munich. (Leberkaese (Salzburg) and Bretzeln (Munich) are excellent, and you must also try them)

And if you see "echte Thueringer Bratwurst", buy one. With Senf. But if the Wurst is not at least double the length of the bread roll, it is not 'echt'.
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Best answer: Weissswurst is pretty great. It's unlike other sausages in that it is mainly veal and very delicately flavoured with herbs. I had to have a local show me how to eat it. The proper way is to use a knife and fork to remove the skin. Or you can eat with your hands and suck the sausage out of the casing. I think the casing is technically edible, so I'm not sure why people peel it. It's served with a sweet mustard.

It's a fresh sausage— fresh meat with no preservatives— which was traditionally made and consumed early in the day. My German friend told me that you can eat it later in the day (no one will freak out), just that it's considered properly served as a late-morning meal or snack.
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Response by poster: Just to briefly update, we've been to Salzburg and Vienna so far. Bosnas and kaesekrainer are both awesome. And I might not have tried them without you!
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