How do I ban someone from liking my FB page?
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I'm admin for a celebrity/personality/whatever page on Facebook, and am having trouble finding out how to ban someone we suspect will soon start creeping it up.

I saw the instructions here but the problem is that when I open the New Likes section, it only lets me do about 3 or 4 "see more"s and we have about 3,000 people who like the page so the person I'm trying to ban never comes up. He hasn't made a post or a comment yet so I can't ban him that way. Any help would be appreciated!
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I don't know that you can prevent someone preemptively from like your page. But why do you want to?

Is it to keep them from being able to post? Since you're a public page, you can't. But if and when he makes a post on your page, you can click on the post and there will be several options--hide the post, delete the post and keep that person from ever posting again, etc.
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Sorry, to clarify -- he already "Likes" the page. We want to ban him so that he doesn't see updates in his news feed. He's already done some creepy things and the personality the FB page is for has asked me to ban him.
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I thought there was an option to 'block' people on facebook?
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Have you tried the fifth option from the bottom on this page?
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It doesn't look like the "block" feature works for a Public Figure page, just a personal page (there's no Privacy Settings feature for the Public Figure page).
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The Facebook FAQ offers the following advice:

How do I permanently ban someone from my Page?
From your Page: Open your admin panel and click See All in the New Likes sectionSelect the X next to the name of the person you wish to banCheck the Ban P...
From your Page:

1. Open your admin panel and click See All in the New Likes section
2. Select the X next to the name of the person you wish to ban
3. Check the Ban Permanently box
4. Click Okay

From a post on your Page's timeline:

1. Click next to a post by the person you wish to ban
2. Click Delete Post...
3. Select Delete and Ban User

From a comment:

1. Click the X next to a comment by the person you wish to ban
2. Select Delete Comment...
3. Choose Delete and Ban User

You can always view a list of the people banned from your Page via the See Likes link on the Likes tab of your Page Insights or the See All link next to New Likes in your admin panel. Select the Banned filter from the top-left dropdown menu after clicking the link.

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ThePinkSuperhero, that's the link in my question. My problem is with the first part. The "See All in the New Likes section" doesn't actually show all, it brings up maybe 100 or so people with a "see more," but the "see more" doesn't load enough times to actually see *everyone*. And he hasn't posted or commented yet to delete him that way.
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Tough one. I'm a Community Manager and I feel your pain. The only thing I can suggest is reporting it to Facebook manually - citing the extent of the harassment using this link (note you can't be logged in to use this one).

Otherwise it seems like a waiting game - the second they make a peep, ban away. While you're waiting, edit your profanity list to include their user name as a phrase so automatically hides anything they post from the page.
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teststrip, I think the profanity list will work! Great idea, thanks.
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