Things to do/places to stay in Louisville, KY?
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Really, really psyched to be going to the Forecastle Festival this year in Louisville, KY. Where should we sleep at night? And what shouldn't we miss in Louisville?

My boyfriend and I are (hopefully) going to Forecastle Festival this year, July 13-15. We're pumped, but also broke, and I'm trying to find the best lodging accommodations that won't break the bank. The festival website has a short list of hotel recs, but are there any hostel-style gems in the area (or even just inexpensive hotels where you've had a pleasant experience)? We considered camping at the KOA but that seems like a no-go. Google has provided the option of sleeping in a woman's garage for $10 and some chores, yet somehow...

We've also never been to Louisville, so we're kind of interested in inexpensive, potentially quirky/historical landmarks and must-sees during the times we're not at the Waterfront. The boyfriend is interested in the wistful and storied history of the Louisville Slugger, but otherwise we have nothing specific on the agenda. Anything that delights you about Louisville would be a great addition to our list. Thanks everyone!

[Oh, and I'm currently making a mix CD to persuade him it's gonna be great, so if you're familiar with the festival/bands playing this year and have any song recs, feel free to throw those in too. =)]
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Search on the past Louisville AskMe threads - there have been a few, including recently.
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Best answer: (NO to the Emily Boone "Guest Home." Turn back now. That is all.)

I swear in years past, I've heard people mentioned they camped or stayed at the local American Turners. It's about 3 1/2 miles from the festival - obviously walkable, but a bike would be preferred. I just looked at their website and there's nothing up there about the festival, but you could give them a call. Their contact info is here.

I don't know of any place offhand that's not a dump where you could stay for less than about $80 (which is the same as the cheapest place posted on the Forecastle site). There is a Motel 6 right across the river in Jeffersonville (also about 3 1/2 miles from the festival) that would probably be cheap, although they may have jacked the rates up some for that weekend. That link is here. I'd prefer camping to Motel 6, but YMMV.

The Louisville Slugger factory is about a mile and change from the festival site. They're open 7 days a week. The tours tend to fill up fast on weekends in the summer; I'd recommend getting there when they open (11 on Sundays, 9 on every other day). If you can't get in to the first tour, you can buy a ticket to a later tour and then wander around downtown for awhile. There are 2 other museums right across the street, if you're so inclined, or several bars & restaurants. Louisville Glassworks is just one block south of the bat factory. They're open for tours Monday-Sat, 10-4...may be open Sundays, too, but it's hard to discern from the site.

Like Miko says, definitely dig through some of the older threads - there have been several in the last few weeks about Louisville. Good luck finding a place to stay and have a great time at Forecastle!
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Best answer: Here are my picks from a recent thread. It's a truly fantastic town. Enjoy yourselves!
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Response by poster: Geez, sorry I missed so many threads-- I even searched but obviously did a terrible job. Thanks guys!
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Best answer: If you want to check out the bar everyone goes to when they're home for Christmas, check out The Back Door. Added benefit: drinks are super cheap and super strong.

If you're looking for inexpensive and quirky, you could do worse than a stroll down Bardstown Road. Plenty of shops, bars, and randomness. Lots of locally owned things. Fun to see even if you don't feel like buying much.
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