Details on Sandy Hook, NJ?
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Thinking of taking a day trip from NYC to Sandy Hook, NJ. Anyone have advice/tips?

We'd be taking the ferry from Manhattan. Any advice on where to go once we get off the ferry? Hoping to find a spot on the beach to rest and relax that's near food/amenities. I should mention that I'm, uh, a lot pregnant; is there a shuttle to take you around the island? Is there an area with umbrella/chair rentals? Tell me about all your favorite spots, please!
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Beach D and North Beach have full bathrooms and a snack stand. Beach D also has a full restaurant w/ bar (Sea Gulls Nest) and a gift shop. I don't know if you can rent chairs there, though.

Assuming you are going with Seastreak or NY Waterway, I think both offer shuttle services from the ferry landing to the different beaches. Beach D is also the furthest from the ferry landing- I think the shuttle would take 20 minutes, but you should check with the ferries for more information. There is no shuttle service, as far as I know, outside of what the ferry offers- so beyond their drop-off/pick-up service, you are stuck at the beach you go to until you need to leave.

The ferry will be the best way to get to Sandy Hook. I take the ferry from NJ (near Sandy Hook) to NYC every day and it is the best way to commute.

FYI: Gunninson is the nude beach there. You've been warned.
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Hi, once you get to Sandyhook by ferry, there is a shuttle bus which goes to North beach and Gunnison beach (Be aware, Gunnison is a nude beach). Yes you can rent Umbrellas on the beach. Not sure about the chairs. You do get refreshments like water and some eatables on the beach too.

There are bathrooms once you get to the point close to North and Gunnison beach, but pls know that the beach is quite a walk from that point onwards...
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Yep, you'll get off the ferry and see two shuttle busses, one marked "Family" and the other marked "Adult."

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The beach of my teenage years and beyond.

Beach D has the most amenities - Sea Gulls Nest for food and beverages, an ice cream stand, a little beach store, bathrooms, and showers. I do believe they also rent umbrellas and chairs there. It's a beautiful beach. It's also near the small Spermaceti Cove Visitor Center, which has a few nice exhibits on the Life Saving Service and the environment and is a nice way to take a break from the sun, and across the street from a short walking trail and bird viewing area.

If you get a chance and the shuttle takes you, also take a ride up around Fort Hancock for some stunning views of New York Harbor and the Navesink and Shrewsbury River estuaries and Sandy Hook Bay. I know that web page doesn't make it look appealing, but it's incredibly beautiful. There's a lighthouse museum and a history house to check out, though in your present condition you'd probably want to skip the lighthouse. I'm adding it just as a reference.

Sandy Hook has a lot of special events, from really great Wednesday night beach concerts to nature and birding walks and tours of the old military installations, which are extremely cool.

It's going to be crowded; there's nothing much to be done about that, it's the start of high summer on the nicest beach within reach of NYC and Northern NJ, so it comes with the territory. Go as early in the day as you can. However, your mode of transportation is most definitely the wisest and least stressful way to get there. The shuttle ride is likely to take a while due to being backed up in traffic, so bring your patience and maybe some snacks and drinks.
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If you don't mind naked people, I'd actually recommend that you go to Gunnison's this time of year. It's is infinitely more peaceful than the rest of the crowded, packed, Jersey shore. You, of course, don't have to take off your clothes. The bathers there are generally very respectful.

It is slightly more of a walk to the beach, though, to get you to the more secluded beach area.
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I was coming in to recommend the lighthouse but if you're heavily pregnant, definitely skip it.
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I also really like Gunnison. It's very quiet and far less crowded than the other beaches. And the naked folks are just naked folks. Swimming and sunbathing are really kind of naked activities anyway if you think about it. Everyone is laid back and you have plenty of space to stretch out. Go to Gunnison, make like a hippie, and don't forget to put sunscreen EVERYWHERE.
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