Searching for an old drive in and motel in southern Ontario.
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Looking for 2 film-shoot locations anywhere in southern Ontario: an old (ideally, abandoned) drive-in theater and a small shabby motel.
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North York Drive-In.
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Drive ins are outside Guelph and Oakville (both still operating). There is a shabby motel in Campbellville (rural) and a few in Brampton (used to be rural, now in busy intersections so would need careful framing like the 7&7 motel and Flowertown. Flowertown is scuzzier, look on google maps at the northwest corner of hurontario and Bovaird.
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Starlite Drive-In in Hamilton.
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And I drove past an abandoned one on my way up highway 6 to Tobermory a few weeks back, but I don't know if I could tell you where along 6 it was. Looked like it'd be out of operation for decades. I think it was near Owen Sound, but even that's a bit of a stab in the dark.
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You could take the excellent Starlite and mix it in with the infamous City Motor Hotel and blam, you're done.
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I just found this site that might help your search for an abandoned drive in. It is a drive-in theatre database, which allows searches based on status (open/closed). The parameters are by state/country, so I have linked to all of Canada here, since Ontario can't be searched specifically, but all the results include province in the description.
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In terms of pure motel cheese, Kingston Road in Scarborough east of Brimley brings it. Closer to home, there's a number of astonishingly awful looking motels between Dunnville and Port Colborne.
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There's a small drive in at the edge of Hanover Ontario, but it's still running.
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Which metro area are you close to?
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There's a drive-in up near Grand Bend. Also one in London if you're inclined to be in that general south-west area.
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