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Name-my-blog filter: Can you help me name my food blog?

I want to start a blog that will be focused on food, but not really on recipes -- more explorations of unusual ingredients or dishes, etymologies of food-related terms or phrases and round-ups of food-related articles and books, with the occasional related recipe. Think food blog meets Brain Pickings. I would like to convey the qualities of curiosity, exploration, adventure or discovery. Short and pithy, easily google-able and not already squatted on would be definite pluses. I'm thinking of using Wordpress as my blogging platform. Blogposts I am thinking of writing include:
Blind taste testing an Indian dish cooked with or without the stinky resin asafoetida
A review of the Hesses' A Taste of America
How the chile pepper went from unknown to ubiquitous in Indian cooking over a few hundred years
Old menus and ephemera
Foods mentioned in Enid Blyton's children's books
Pickled cabbage from kimchee to sauerkraut

I am from India so some posts are likely to be Indian-food focused, though I don't intend to limit the blog to that. So far my efforts haven't really yielded anything great. I thought of Curiosity Kills the Cook -- but that's already taken. Someone suggested Ravenous as a suggestion in another name-my-food-blog AskMe question, but that seems to be taken as well. That does convey the quality of being hungry for new food and new information that I'm trying to convey.

Any ideas?
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The Cerebral Foodie
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Not really a fully formed suggestion, but "voracious" is a synonym for ravenous, and I like the word "narrative". But the combination might be too wordy...
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- Food for Thought
- The Delhicatessen
- The Enquiring Gastronome
- The Rice Paper
- Outtakes and Takeouts
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Inquisitive Cuisine: A look into food etymology and more
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In Pursuit of the Moveable Feast

Thinking and Tasting

Delving into Dining

The Supping Scout or Scouting Supping
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Tasty Thoughts
The Pioneater
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The Prandial Stake.
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The Curious Culinarian
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My favorite blogs don't really have quirky/clever names that define them. Smitten Kitchen, for example, is an amazing food blog that doesn't have anything to do with being in love (or being smote)! With that said, have you considered peacheater?
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I think Smitten Kitchen is very clever . . . the rhyme, the suggestion of "by" between the words, and the message of being in love with all the kitchen entails.

Having argued with kate blank for no really good reason, I actually wanted to second the suggestion of "peacheater." I love the combination of the T.S. Eliot reference, the repetition of the "ea" sound, and the voluptuous food loving image of a person eating a peach.
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Response by poster: Peacheater is something I've definitely considered but both the Wordpress blog and the .com domain seem to be taken. (And yay that you got the T.S. Eliot reference, bearwife!) I think Smitten Kitchen is very clever as well. It really doesn't have to be something that hits you on the head with how clever it is. A couple of great blogs along the same lines that were just linked on Metafilter are Edible Geography and Food & Think.
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I agree with bearwife. Cutesy pun names for new blogs always seem a little horse-before-the-cart-y to me. I think you should go with something memorable and evocative that's not an abstract wordplay.
posted by threeants at 11:04 AM on June 26, 2012 [1 favorite] is available. Is that close enough?
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To the Tooth
Small bites
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FYI, I initially read "peacheater" or "peacheats" as Pea Cheater or Pea Cheats, which was pretty confusing and off-putting for a food blog name.
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My Dinner with Awesome
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- the food feed
- the daily craving
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To play with adam rice's suggestion above: Gastroam

You Are What You Eat
Eat This
Each Peach
A Peach Eater's Travels (ok, not pithy!)

...and now I'm trying to think of a peach pith pun, so I'll quit while I'm ahead.
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FWIW, and pardon the eponystericality, but could "peacheater" and its variants not be read with a thick layer of double entendre?
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Response by poster: Yes it could. For that reason, plus because I don't want a very solid trail back from this blog to my Metafilter profile, I think I'd prefer not to use any variation of peacheater as a website name.
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The Abdomen. (.org & .net are available)
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Curryous, shucks, already exists.

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Exploring + food? Foraging!

The Forager
The voracious forager

Grazing Gourmand

I was trying for something with "victuals" and "vagabond" but I can't quite get it...
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Looks like is available tho I'm not sure what restrictions there are to owning a San Marino TLD.
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Spice Trails/ Spice Tales
Foods without borders
posted by dhruva at 7:36 PM on June 26, 2012

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