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hey all! So I really want to start a blog about the subjects I'm most passionate: eating and exercising. I need help naming it! (more inside!)

I'm full of contradictions; meaning that while I eat healthy and LOVE to cook, I will not turn down that piece of perfectly fried chicken, either. I can be lazy and have a couch potato movie night, but the next morning I'm sweatin it out at the park or in my pilates class.
To me, it's all about balance. People are not perfect (and why would we want to be?) and I'm tired of reading blogs from hardbodies who never falter from eating their one huge salad a day.
I eat well, live well, stay healthy, and I want to talk to people about doing the same!
Sooo...without sounding too "new age" or cheesy, what should my blog's name be?
Thanks in advance for your ideas!
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I'm thinking Food, Sweat and ... (Can't think of a last word)
posted by bitdamaged at 11:31 AM on March 27, 2009


Or if you like tacos, GourMex.
posted by boosh at 11:35 AM on March 27, 2009

Sweatin' to the Foodies

Running for/with Dinner

Dinner on the Run

Pilates and Potatoes

Chicken and Chin-Ups
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Carrot and Stick
Cakewalk, pig trotters and grocery run
Runner's High-Caloric intake
Jog Gung (this is a Thai soup)
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Dine & Dash
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Weighed in the Balance
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A variation on Kafkaesque's:

Good food! Gotta run.
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Run to eat & eat to run.
posted by adamrice at 11:53 AM on March 27, 2009

Eat and Burn
Food & Fitness Freak
posted by kdern at 12:10 PM on March 27, 2009

Binging and Purging
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Balance Beam
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Eats, Sweets & Sweats

alt: Eats, Sweats & Peas

or some other wordplay on the book, "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"
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I don't have any awesome names, but I'd consider a one or two-word name that illustrates what eating and working out have in common, how they work together, or why you enjoy them. Like "Fuel" or something similar. Or "Thousands of Calories" (as in, both ingested and burned).

Or "Will Work Out for Food"? Hyuk hyuk.
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Perhaps a Title: Subtitle name is in order. Maybe something alliterative like:

Culinary Calisthenics: Striking a balance between eating and exercise.
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In and Off
Eat and Run
Run to the Table
Butter, Buns and Speed
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I really like Eats, Sweats & Peas.

Real Life, Real Food (I'd have Real in big on left with Life and Food on the right, stacked.)
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Shake and Bake
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Going off bitdamaged's suggestion:

Food & Sweat (
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Love to eat and run
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Munchin' and Crunchin'
Shaping Up and Pigging Out

If you go with a wordplay title, I like the idea of a subtitle, such as funny pun: One Woman's Take on Working Out and Eating Well. Sorry if I got the gender wrong, and it's a bit clunky, but just so the subtitle explains what you're actually writing on, in case some of your audience are initially confused by the cute title. (and sorry for the lame wordplay attempts, but maybe it will help inspire a better name)
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One more:

Truffles & Treadmills
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Having My Cake, and Eating it Too
The Fit Epicurean
Healthy Indulgence

This is what I have always wrestled with, I want it all! I want to be fit! And eat yummy food! And be lazy! And eat broccoli! I usually find it hard to maintain the balance, I would enjoy reading your blog.
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I really liked "Will Workout for Food" from Metroid Baby because it is clever without being corny, it's memorable, and gets the point across without having to guess at what your blog is about.

You can even do an image of a girl in workout gear with a handmade cardboard sign. Or maybe a person doing crunches to lick an ice cream cone or something fun like that. Anyway, I like the subtitle idea too, if you think you need it.
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Run Foie Gras Run
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Eat Yourself Fit.
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