More than a cold reading in hot California, please.
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Recommend a psychic in the Los Angeles area who has performed accurate readings? I need answers/amusement/awareness/hope...

A hobby/crutch of mine when I lived elsewhere used to be going to psychics - there are good ones, there are bad ones. References from others usually leads to good ones who aren't just cold reading but somehow can actually see things (or at least make me, the skeptic, believe they are seeing things).

Any recommendations in Los Angeles?
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Call Cauldron, on Rowena, in Silverlake. Unfortunately, I'm blanking on the name of the woman who does readings there on the weekend, but she's very good. Make an appointment.

I don't really believe that people are "psychic" -- but I do believe that there are people who are deeply intuitive, and it's very interesting to see what you are giving off to someone who is able to pick up a lot about a person's nature just by speaking with them, being in a room with them, and observing their mannerisms.
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FWIW, what you described there at the end of your comment is basically the definition of cold-reading, pazazygeek.

I know someone in LA who does really excellent rune-castings and other kinds of readings, though I'm not sure this fits the bill. MeMail me for details...
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