Where can I get waxed in Washington?
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I want to get all of my pubic hair waxed for the first time. Where can I do this in Washington, D.C. that’s not too expensive and is convenient to Columbia Heights?

I want to try getting everything waxed off. Since this is the first time I want somewhere that will do a good, thorough job and not hurt more than necessary. Where can I get this done relatively inexpensively (ideally $40 or less) hopefully around Columbia Heights or at least on the Green line? What else do I need to know before trying this? A friend of mine has a good place in Georgetown but that’s really hard to reach.
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I think for your first time, you do not want to do this on the cheap; for starters, a lack of cleanliness can lead to a variety of irritation issues, and cheaper products and lack of skill can lead to unnecessary pain.
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From past experience, that is a low range for what you want, especially since you should consider tipping well, if it ends up okay! I've had a couple of sessions in the last few years but not recently at Joy's Spa in Adams Morgan, which would be very close to you (it's kind of above Asylum if I remember correctly). Very nice, not quite as great as the gentle-but-expensive Bluemercury version but really very good. I should warn you that it's reasonable but still a bit above your ideal.
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This is so not a place to skimp. A good waxer will charge $60 minimum.
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Best Wax Center in Georgetown (Maria) is great, and fairly reasonable in price. Can you take the Circulator bus?
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I agree with all the previous commenters that this really is not the service you want to skim on. Bliss Spa Downtown is suppose to be very good, and is right by the White House so you could just take the S Bus line down 16th. I'll also second the Blue Mercury suggestion.
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I'm sorry I don't have a less expensive suggestion, but I can highly recommend Shae at Bliss in DC, as mentioned above (very close to Metro Center). I'd never had anything anywhere waxed before, but found her through a lot of research and went for the full Kojak... and she was like some kind of miracle magician wizard. It's $75, but you can often find coupons online or through their email list for up to 20% off, and they're on ebates. I've also gotten a 10% discount for booking in person and/or taking appointments on weekday mornings -- I'd call the spa directly (not the 1-800 number), say that you want Shae specifically (they'll like that), and ask if there are any current promotions or if there's anything else they can do on the price because you really hope to become a regular. Good luck!
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If possible, I'd recommend moisturizing aggressively for a week or two beforehand (no lotions or other products on the day of the Brazilian wax), and also if possible pay a bit more attention to gently exfoliating the area.

You can also take some oral analgesics an hour or so before the procedure. For some people, particular strains of marijuana can be quite effective.

$50-60 is pretty much the starting point for something like this. Also, talk to the technician about their experiences with your particular hair (and skin) type. This might also affect how long you want the hairs to be when you get them waxed off.

Also, maybe research differences between waxing and sugaring if you're worried about undesireable after-effects.

If the technician tries to sell you really expensive after-care products, see if one of them is 'tendskin' or something similar. The home-made recipe is easily found on the internet and works just as well as the expensive boutique stuff.
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I've been to Bliss Spa and Celadon but I think my favorite waxer was at Bang Salon on U Street.
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Skin near Eastern Market is fine. $40 is not going to cut it for a bikini wax though.
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