Where can I sunbathe & swim in Durham, NC?
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Where to sunbathe / splash around in Durham, NC?

I just moved to Durham, and I have no central A/C or car A/C. I'm looking for good spots to sunbathe that are also next to water where I can cool off--lakes, public pools, apartment complex pools, etc. I'd prefer places that are not too crowded, also it'd be nice if they're close to Broad Street, but I'm not really picky, so long as the area is safe and I have room to spread out a towel.

Thanks in advance!
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Look up the Eno Rock Quarry. It's a hike but it's nice and cold. Also, there are lots of swimming holes along the Eno River too.
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I miss the quarry so much. Apparently it is possible to take the bus to within a decent walk, but carpooling is probably easier.

There is a pool on Duke Central Campus, off of Anderson behind some of the student apartments. They tended in the past to be fairly uninterested in whether or not you were Duke affiliated. That's probably the closest to Broad St. There are also 3 or 4 outdoor city pools distributed around, with various densities of small kids.
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Jordan Lake -- it's a bit of a drive, but no worse than the quarry.
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I forgot the swankiest option of all--the Duke Faculty Club (in Duke Forest next to the Washington Duke Inn). You can't just go there, but if you know somebody who knows somebody it is well worth a trip. They have a lap pool and a kids wading pool as well as a gigantic regular pool with high and low diving boards. (Plus a snack bar, a game room, tennis, horseshoes, etc etc etc.)
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Jordan Lake has some nice areas set up as sandy beaches, and, if you have some time and don't mind a bit of drive, is a great option. It's not usually crowded.
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Sorry to thread-sit, but I feel some obligation to hop on here and let you all know that there are drownings that happen at the Eno Quarry, and I was lucky enough to be close friends with someone before he passed away at the site. I still tell people that, yes, it's a beautiful fun and relaxing place, and definitely worth checking out -- but if you're going to swim, by all means, **wear a life jacket.** It looks silly but your life is important.

That being said, thanks for all the responses so far. Keep 'em coming!
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